About Me

In my very early 20’s I was living in a rural area with no car and no accessible teaching position. So I took a job I could walk to in the nearby town at a commercial bindery. They needed someone to do hand sewing on certain books that couldn’t be entirely bound by machine. In very short order I fell in love. With passion and determination I decided that THIS was what I wanted to be — a bookbinder.

Over the next 30 years as I taught and raised a family, I kept this passion alive by apprenticing to a bookbinder in Los Angeles, and taking courses at the Center for Book Arts in New York. I started collecting papers from around the world, which complemented my Eastern textile collection. Eventually I applied to the bookbinding program at the North Bennet Street School in Boston.

After completing their two year full-time program I worked at Harvard’s Widener Library and the Harcourt Bindery in Boston. In 1998 I started the Seven Hills Bindery where I apply my bookbinding skills and artistic sensibility to making unique, useful objects, such as tissue box covers, jewelry boxes and event albums, many with one-of-a-kind papers. My work has been in the galleries of the North Bennet Street School and the Fuller Craft Museum.

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